Wayfinding Signage and Landscape Design / Implementation

The North Sydney BIDA and Marine Atlantic (MA) officials have been meeting for several months to discuss the construction of the new $20 Million Ferry Terminal and how it will impact the downtown area of North Sydney.  The Downtown Working Group (DWG) has delineated two key areas of cooperation:  1. Wayfinding and Signage; and 2. Street-scape/Landscape design elements connected with the area of interface (corner of Blower and Commercial Streets) between the new terminal and CBRM municipal areas of North Sydney.

The erection of the new MA Ferry Terminal in a location immediately adjacent to the downtown is an exciting opportunity for both the crown corporation and the community. The pick-up/drop-off lanes will connect directly to downtown streets for the first time. Additionally, passengers will able to walk easily into the downtown area once they have parked their vehicles. 300,000 plus travelers use the service annually, and during the summer months over 70,000 visitors exited directly into the downtown from the old configuration.  The new location suggests even more visitors will enter the downtown area and offers a great opportunity to build on the first revitalization effort in 2003 with new wayfinding signage that reflects the evolving transportation reality in North Sydney.

In 2000 the BIDA began a planning exercise for the downtown area by organizing the Downtown North Sydney Revitalization Committee. This effort ultimately resulted in the successful completion of a downtown facade program, the erection of new historical information kiosks and banners containing pictorial artwork throughout the downtown area, as well as Archibald’s Wharf and Munro Park.  It is anticipated the new project will build on those assets.

Since the fall of 2013 the BIDA met with officials of Marine Atlantic, and from time other stakeholders, under the aegis of the North Sydney Downtown Working Group.

This committee has identified the following wayfinding issues:

  • There is a need for new a wayfinding signage system that starts within the new terminal and works out to the town assets, and back to the terminal.  The new signage should incorporate existing historical kiosks installed in 2003 located along Commercial Street.
  • There is a lack of signage or awareness for our significant heritage assets, cultural amenities/assets, parking, shopping, motels, and waterfront

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