Summer Visitor Marine Atlantic Survey (2014)

In the spring of 2014 BIDA partnered with MA to run a survey of ferry passengers.  The survey collected data in four main domains:  Basic demographic information such as age, sex, number in party, destination, point of origin; Feedback on the types of services and amenities passengers expected in the new terminal and in downtown North Sydney; knowledge of and use of existing amenities and services on the Northside; reasons for travel to Cape Breton if from outside the area and not simply returning to NF.

The survey was administered in the field by the BIDA summer student employee, Fern Donovan and part-time interviewer Chelsea Kanne.  Data was entered into a spread sheet and then transferred to SPSS for analysis.  228 valid responses were available for analysis. Frequencies and cross-tabulations were run and the results reveal some interesting information regarding knowledge of the Northside area. While some folks did roam quite far from their cars and the terminal there is a lot of work remaining to improve awareness of use of all North Sydney has to offer.  Because of the small sample size and construction of the questions no comparison or analysis of variance between groups was available that met standard statistical significance criterion.  However, this survey did provide a baseline for current behaviour that can be compared to results from an improved survey expected to be run next year after the new terminal opens.

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