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On July 25 the BIDA hosted its first ever community street fair.  The Front Street Frolic was a smashing success, witnessing approximately 2000 people coming downtown to hear music, watch dancing and buskers.  Folks also browsed the food and wares of 29 vendors and downtown businesses on the street.

Here is a link to a YouTube video posted by summer BIDA staffer Josh Boudreau showing some of the highlights of the event.

Don’t’ miss the next FSF on Wednesday, August 23 from 6-9 pm

Marine Atlantic Survey Report

In July, 2017 the BIDA held an info session at Higher Grounds Café in North Sydney where it presented some findings from the Marine Atlantic Survey it has fielded since 2014.  Click on the link below to download the report.

BIDA survey report 2014-2016 V3 PDF Download

BIDA Receives Final Wayfinding Design

The BIDA let an RFP in late 2014 calling for a costed design for a new Wayfinding Signage System leading from the new Marine Atlantic Terminal.  The proposal from FormMedia of Dartmouth was accepted in January 2015 and the final report arrived in October 2015.  The BIDA is now exploring funding options to get the plan implemented.

Wayfinding TitleHighlights of the plan:

  • integrated sign plan providing North Sydney information and directions  to visitors as they enter the terminal from their cars, walk through the terminal and enter the downtown.
  • a development of the grassy area just outside the terminal grounds at the junction of Commercial Street and Blowers Avenue that will include a town business directory, town map.
  • continued improvements to the sidewalk from the terminal grounds to the Library.

See the full study in PDF format in our Community Folder via Dropbox:

About Dropbox:  You don’t have to have an account or join up, just click ‘to continue’ and the file will load.  It’s big so it might take a while.