51 Things to Do in North Sydney

1. Tour the Cabot Trail – The Cabot Trail loops around the northern tip of Cape Breton Island, 185 miles or 298km long. The trail passes through many charming communities, each with breathtaking scenery and unforgettable hospitality. The Cape Breton Highlands National Park lies along the Cabot Trail, providing world class hiking. Take the time to go whale watching, visit the museums and galleries and sample some of the finest sea food dining in the world.

2. TransCanada Trail – The Trans Canada Trail is a 21,500-kilometre recreational trail winding its way through every province and territory, from the Atlantic to Pacific to Arctic Oceans. When completed, it will be the world’s longest recreational trail, linking close to 1000 communities and over 33 million Canadians. Today almost 70 percent (14,500 kilometres) is developed. Thousands of people are taking to the Trail to walk, hike, cycle, ski, horseback ride, canoe and snowmobile.

3. Drive the Fleur-de-lis and Marconi Trails – Step through a doorway in time into a magnificent French town whose streets are a bustle of 18th-century activity. Inside the massive stone gates, the year is 1744. Stroll lively streets where costumed washerwomen, bread sellers, soldiers, noblemen and musicians are going about their daily business. Explore historic period gardens, watch musket and cannon drills, roam through the king’s storehouses, and visit the homes of commoners, merchants, and wealthy residents. This is the Fortress of Louisbourg, the largest historic reconstruction in North America, meticulously rebuilt on the foundations of the original fortress—the site from which the French hoped to reign over all North Atlantic navigation in the 1700s. The region’s colourful French heritage is alive and well along the Fleur-de-lis and Marconi Trails, in picturesque Acadian fishing villages that dot the rugged sea coast. Be sure to sample regional fare like T’chaude or Pâté à la viande.

4. Fortress of Louisbourg – The largest reconstructed 18th-century French fortified town in North America — is a series of experiences that set a mood. Ramparts, streets, households and interpreters help to create the look, texture and mood of another century. Cannons on stone ramparts, a busy waterfront tavern and the crackling of a kitchen fire all tell how people of a different age lived and worked.

5. Marine Atlantic Ferries – Sit and Watch as the Marine Atlantic Ferries leave or dock the North Sydney harbour. With the breathtaking view of the ocean and the smell of its air, this time will be sure to be relaxing for all.

6. Walk the boardwalks – Take a walk along the waterfront on North Sydney’s boardwalk and listen to the kids play and listen to local entertainment along the Archibald Wharf and Indian Beach areas.

7. Enjoy a meal – North Sydney has a lot to offer when it comes to a hungry visitor. You can pick from Canadian Cuisine, Italian, Chinese, or Cafe’s, Bistro’s & take out, the option is yours.

8. Relax at the Yacht Club – You don’t need a yacht, or a boat to enjoy the relaxation that the staff from the North Sydney Yacht club gives. Stop by and grab a refreshment, watch the Jr. Sailors sail the harbour, or enjoy the entertainment from the local poker runs or an evening of dance.

9. Grab a coffee! – Head on down to Higher Grounds Café or Tim Horton’s on Blowers st. for a hot or cold brew.

10. Shop! – From imports to crafts, clothing, groceries, and souvenirs, the North Sydney Mall has enough to offer all. Downtown shopping at Commercial St. offers just what one will need for the fast shopping experience.

11. Watch the sunrise & sunset – Sit on a hill, relax along the waterfront, or wherever your comfortable and enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and sunset. These are the times you will hear the community awake to enjoy the day or to nestle down for a quiet evening.

12. Stay at a friendly accommodation – In North Sydney you will have no problem finding the accommodation to fit your needs. With host with a smile and warm bed to sleep in, you will awake fresh for your daily activities.

13. Visit the Ballast Grounds – With the smell of the fishing season in the air, walk the Ballast Grounds, visit the fish-shop. The Ballast Grounds will bring a small town community fisher feeling to all.

14. Talk to local fishermen – While walking the Ballast Grounds, why not stop and talk to a local fisher and ask about their daily activities.

15. Visit Indian Beach – Just along side of Marine Atlantic Ferry is Indian Beach, a sandy beach is what every barefoot would like to walk on. After walking the beach, sit and enjoy the ocean air with an ice-cream from the volunteer ran canteen. Let the kids play at the campground or listen to the live entertainment which is offered throughout the summer season.

16. Listen to local talent – Once arriving in North Sydney, everyone is waiting to hear the sound of good entertainment. Live entertainment is offered different nights at either the beautiful Indian Beach or at Archibald Wharf at the boardwalk.

17. Walk the walking track – Uptown there is a chance to for you to stretch your legs and take a walk around the Carmon Young Walking track.

18. Go for a skate – If it’s the winter you visit the town, don’t forget your skates and enjoy a skate at the Emera Centre Northside located in the King Street business district.

19. Visit the North Sydney Historic Museum – While visiting North Sydney, why not learn about its history at the new Historic North Sydney Museum. Located just steps away from the new Marine Atlantic terminal!

20. Introduce yourself at the North Sydney Fire Department – If you’re into serving your own community, and want to meet our men and women, visit the fire hall located on Pierce St.

21. Attend a church service

22. Talk to local Veterans – Meet the Legion members and Veterans at the North Sydney Legion on Archibald Ave.

23. Golf – Enjoy a day golfing at the beautiful Seaview Golf Club with a view of the beautiful North Sydney waterfront!

24. Go for a horseback ride – Horseback riding and wagon rides will put a smile on everyone’s face at Riding High Stables, located just five minutes outside North Sydney.

25. Soccer at Munroe Park – If you’re full of energy and want to kick around the ball, go to the soccer field at Munroe Park. Other than soccer Munroe Park offers a great view of the waterfront and a small play area for the playful side of the family!

26. Hockey at the Emera Centre Northside – If you’re visiting for a hockey tournament enjoy the game at a modern, heated arena.

27. Bartown Festival – Enjoy a week – long festival of fun at North Sydney’s Bartown Festival. Games, Entertainment, Parade’s and Fireworks for all to enjoy!

28. Cape Breton County Exhibition – If Agriculture is your thing, Regent St. North Sydney is home of the Cape Breton County Exhibition and Hinchy’s Rides!

29. Go fishing – Enjoy a relaxing day of fishing off the wharf or ask a local where to find the “lucky hole”. A fishing license can be purchased at Brewer’s Convenience store on Commercial St.

30. Enjoy fresh seafood and more – Fresh seafood is a must for everyone to try while staying in North Sydney. There are several great restaurants in the downtown area.

31. Stroll through Bobby Joe Ryan Park – A small park for little peeps to enjoy, located next to Buffett’s Office Pro, Commercial St. downtown North Sydney.

32. Watch the fishing and sailboats – A relaxing beautiful sight for the community of North Sydney is watching the fleet along the harbour. With the fresh sea air and the hot sun, this scenery is a must!

33. Listen to the sounds of the sea – While experiencing the small fishing community, don’t forget to close your eyes and just listen to the sounds of the waves!

34. Play Ball – Want to spend time throwing the ball around, throw on your cleats and make your way to the Munro Park, Indian Beach, or Pitt Street in Sydney Mines.

35. Take a walking tour of the community – North Sydney has a small downtown area that can be viewed by strolling walking along side of the sidewalk while viewing what the Commercial St. area has to offer, a great way to spend some free time!

36. Go online at the community CAP site – Keep in touch with family & friends with a quick email, just visit the CAPsite, Monday to Friday upstairs at the Library on Commercial St.

37. Enjoy the music – You can’t leave the East Coast without listening to some of the local talent. Live entertainment is available at Indian Beach and Archibald Wharf during the weeks beautiful evenings.

38. Learn about our culture and heritage – William Orman library or Historic Museum, so much information to be gathered!

39. Get a new do’ – Head on down to find the Purple Mango on Queen street, Curl Up and Dye or Simon’s Barber shop, both located on Commercial street for a fresh new look.

40. Be entertained at the Dockside Ceilidh – A Ceilidh is a sure thing that will put a stomp into everyone’s shoe! The Dockside Ceilidh’s are located at the Marine Terminal every Wednesday night during the tourism season.

41. Card Games at the community halls – Look for time and date and enjoy an evening of cribbage at one of North Sydney’s Community halls.

42. Visit the KOC – Knight of Columbus welcomes all KOC members to their meetings and visitors to all their events in North Sydney. Located at 61 Pleasant St. North Sydney.

43. Bingo – Yelling Bingo is a favourite amongst many, find a community hall hosting for the night you want, grab your dabber and away you go!

44. Relax and read a book at the Wilford Orman Library – The library offers many different publications, magazines, and a computer booth for those who need to step away for a moment and enjoy the peace and quiet!!

45. Dig for your roots at the museum & library

46. View the beauty of the Victorian Homes along Seaview Drive – With these homes being over 100 years old, they bring character and beauty to the North Sydney community.

47. Walk through Smelt Brook Park – A lovely area of the downtown is Smelt Brook, sit and relax and even watch a few ducks play in the brook on a quiet afternoon.

48. Explore the Holy Cross and Lakeside Cemeteries

49. Watch a race at Northside Downs

50. Complete a workout at Platinum Fitness – If a good work out is what you need while vacationing, visit Perry’s Gym located on King St.

51. Talk and enjoy the friendly local hospitality – No matter what information, accommodation, or anything else you are looking for your always welcome to visit the Visitor Information Centre on Archibald’s Wharf, or ask a local, anyone in the area will be pleased to help you!