We are a group of local business-owners and citizens whose goal is to improve, preserve, and promote North Sydney, Nova Scotia, and area as a viable cultural and social centre.


BIDA Objectives

1. To identify attributes of the community and promote them. To realize this is an excellent place to live and do business. To promote the well being of our economy.

2. To establish a centre for resources and information benefiting local business. To assist in providing necessary resources and demographic information, within or outside area, pertinent to all aspects of business and business development. To promote the establishment of business and to improve existing opportunities.

3. Pursue investment opportunities such as capital projects, community improvement, training opportunities (workshops and seminars) which promote economic development.

4. To ensure local consumers and businesses are kept aware of what is available within east travel access. To develop an information system that is informative about services, products, vacancies, tending procedures, etc.

5. To identify viable opportunities of development. Currently to explore tourism and culture as major industry generators and determine how best it can be implemented and developed on the Northside.

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